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Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek

Services We Provide

Individual ABA Therapy

Speech Therapy

We provide individual ABA therapy for up to 40 hours per week depending upon the needs of your child. Individual assessments and intervention plans will be developed to teach your child skills including communication, social skills, academics, and life skills.

Group Social Skills Therapy

Group Therapy

Social skills groups are used to teach skills and enhance communication abilities with other children and adults.

Community Integration Support

Youth Conference

Our clinical team will assist your family with skills to support your child in community activities such as shopping, eating at restaurants, and other important events for your family.

Family Collaboration

Happy Family

Our clinical team believes every family is unique and deserves to be supported based on their individual family composition. We will work with your family to facilitate the implementation of behavior management strategies that align with your values and family structure.

Consultation in the Child Welfare System

Business Conference

Our clinical team has expertise in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis and Child Welfare. This includes supporting foster parents navigating child challenging behavior and supporting biological parents to maintain their children’s’ safety within their home.

Professional Development

Girl at the Pediatrician

Our clinical team receives ongoing weekly supervision from doctoral level board certified behavior analysts. The team also receives additional professional training on-site and consultation from experts in the field to ensure our approach to services remains cutting-edge and innovative. This will result in the highest level of services for your child and family.

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